NBK (a Hunter Douglas company) manufactures tiles in a huge number of special ceramic shapes and sizes, in addition to a line of standard elements (Large, Mid, Baguette, Solid, and Shingle). Our customizable variety of natural, polished and glazed finishes supports thousands of color, surface, and texture combinations.

Terracotta Facades panels by industry leader NBK bring a completely new dimension to designing the building exterior. Blending the latest technology for ventilated facades with urban tradition and materials, NBK terracotta tiles meet the highest standards for both architecture and design.High quality, durability, performance and design versatility are just some of the characteristics that have made NBK Terracotta the material of choice for architects around the world.Terracotta facades with eco-friendly and energy efficient properties are as much in demand today as they were in the past.Recognized by renowned architects, the NBK TERRART®-System has been used to implement spectacular projects recognized by critics as urban milestones.

Terracotta Façade panels blend urban tradition and materials with the latest technology in ventilated façades. Terracotta tiles by NBK (a Hunter Douglas company) offers a variety of sizes, shapes, colors...